As quick as your Internet connection may be, it will do no good to access online content in case the remote hosting server has lousy connectivity or if its network card has low capacity and can't take care of all the inbound and outbound website traffic. If you have your very own hosting machine, this can significantly affect the user experience of your site visitors and if they cannot open your site due to capacity issues or the webpages load slowly, they will in all probability close the website and it is quite possible that they will not revisit. In this light, when you get a new hosting server, it is essential to check not just the most obvious capabilities including hard disk, monthly traffic quota, central processing unit speed and physical memory, but also the bandwidth plus the network card as to ensure that even in the event of considerable traffic to and from the server, your site visitors will never experience connection-related problems.

Server Network Hardware in Dedicated Web Hosting

The Linux dedicated servers hosting packages which we offer you feature gigabit network cards that are tested together with all other hardware parts before and after any new server is assembled in order to make sure that we won't employ a faulty part that might cause a problem after some time. We also employ the newest hardware for our internal network inside the Chicago data center where we offer the dedicated plans. This includes routers, switches and hardware firewalls which could easily cope with huge inbound and outbound traffic to any machine, while any traffic that is not legitimate shall be filtered and shall not use up your system resources. The uninterrupted access to the facility is made sure by using redundant backbone Internet providers. By doing this we guarantee the fast and reliable connection to all of our hosting servers, so your sites and applications shall be operational at top speed all of the time.

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